Literature library

In this section you will find details of the literature available to you and your clients.


Title Code
Top-up Application form IPBF6518E
Partial/Full Cash-in form IPBF10237
Funds Transfer Request Form GENM5175
Regular Withdrawal form IPBF10240
Fund Switch Request IPBF10239
Financial Adviser Appointment English IPBF10294
Servicing Terms Application Form IPBF10299
Servicing Terms Servicing Terms
Declarations Code
Declaration of Residence Form INVF10979


Title Code
With-Profits Guide IPBB6538e
Fund Guide IPBF10193
Bonus Rates IPBM10065
Product Information Sheet IPBS10298
PAC USD With-Profits INVS10021
PAC STG With-Profits INVS10584
PAC Euro With-Profits INVS10585

Charges and Costs

Title  Code 
IPB Product Charges  PIAIDD100051208

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