Literature library

In this section you will find details of the literature available to you and your clients.


Title Code
SIPB Application Form IPBF10130
SIPB Top-Up Application Form IPBF10144
Funds Transfer Request Form GENM5175
Tax Residency Self-Certification Form INVF11804
Nomination of Beneficiaries Form IPBF10138
Acceptance of Business Criteria Code
Acceptance of Business Criteria IPBB10252
Prohibited Countries List INVS11280
Declarations Code
Declaration of Residence Form  INVF10979
SIPB Non-English Language Declaration

Sales Aids

Title Code
PruFund Annual Returns PRUF479302
IPB - A potential solution for your QROPS' needs IPBS656801
Bonus Rates  GENM6349
SIPB Expected Growth Rates IPBB10136
PruFund Growth (Euro) INVF10936
PruFund Growth (Sterling) INVF10935
PruFund Growth (USD) INVF10937
PruFund Cautious and Protected Cautious (Euro) INVF11117
PruFund Cautious and Protected Cautious (Sterling) INVF11118
PruFund Cautious and Protected Cautious (USD) INVF11119
PAC Euro With-Profits Fund  INVS10585 
PAC US Dollar With-Profits Fund  INVS10021
PAC Sterling With-Profits Fund  INVS10584
SIPB Fast Facts IPBB10143
PruFund Range of Funds: Guarantee Options  IPBS10167
PruFund range of Funds (UK/Non-UK) INVS11699

Interactive PruFund Factsheets

Client Brochures

Title Code
Introduction to Prudential International and SIPB IPBB10137
SIPB Funds Guide IPBB10145
Intro to the PruFund smoothing process INVS11699
Tax Information for Spanish Policyholders IPBT10142
Anti-Money Laundering Requirements (Spain)
IPB Guide to Investing in the PruFund Range of Funds IPBB10046

Key Features

Title Code
SIPB Key Features IPBK10131
Target Market Information GENM945501

Servicing Forms

Title Code
Change of Address - Spain IPBF10156
SIPB Regular Withdrawal IPBF10139
SIPB Full or Partial Cash-In IPBF10140
Anti Money Laundering Requirements (Spain) IPBB10147

Statement of Charges

Title Code
SIPB Statement of Charges IPBS10135

Contract Conditions

Title Code
SIPB Contract Conditions IPBB10134

Charges and Costs

Title Code
IPB Product Charges PIAIDD100051012